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Why Twit At All If You Can Not Twitter Kindness?

September 14, 2009

BFF Pchyco

Facebook is a great way to keep up with friends, co-workers, business connections, and for some family.  Many people choose to have their Twitter account post to their Facebook account.  If you are a business on Facebook this technology is great!  Never the less, if you are an individual with your name on the Twitter account posting your day to day activities,  twittering can be dangerous to your reputation and career.  Case in point, Paula Abdul used her Twitter page to announce that she would not be returning to American Idol as a judge for the reality television show.  Her impulsive twit, put an end to her salary negotiations. American Idol took the tweet as an informal resignation and said goodbye.  

Suddenly the whole world has become a shrink to a world of  Narcissistic personalities on Facebook and Twitter.  At Net Etiquette we will use Ms. W as an example of bad Twitter Net Etiquette.   Ms. W  is on her way to being a successful Journalist, she is in her twenties and tweets often.  Ms. W  post incredible news stories, fashion updates, and works as a contributing writer for several LA Magazines.  Out and about at many fashion events, Ms. W considers herself a fashion Diva and most likely dreams of being the next Anna Wintour.   However, Ms. W narcissistic tweets tell the world when her beer can top will not open, her checks have bounced, and her downtown apartment neighborhood has hookers roaming outside.  Since Ms. W is trying to further her career as a Fashion Editor and Fashion Expert,  her “too much information” tweets, nasty rantings, and snide comments about others, are harming her reputation as a women of class.   Recently Ms. W tweeted about Flight Attendants wearing bad makeup.  Ms. W needs to consider that perhaps someone on her Facebook is married to a Flight Attendant, BFF or family member is a Flight Attendant .   Therefore, they would find Ms. W’s tweets extremely offensive, as well as vain.  Demeaning anyone is not in good taste.  Karma will get you every time.  On the Internet Be Polite, it sticks. With Social Media, your true personality comes out.  Tweet with kindness, thought, and consideration.  Otherwise your tweets may cost you friends, relationships, and success in your career.

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  1. September 17, 2009 2:55 am

    Well said.

    On the employment side, the issue is not, as Ms. Gibson suggested, that employers want people to be fake. It’s that they don’t want to hire people who put on a good front and later turn out to be fake.

    What people choose to disclose about themselves and the language in which they phrase those disclosures are an indicator of judgment and maturity, the qualities employers look for in their hires.

    There is a vast difference between pretending to be better than you are and being the best you can be. Being honest does not require one to be offensive.

  2. netetiquette permalink*
    September 15, 2009 12:37 am

    Rachel thank you for your comment and your right we are living in a different time. A huge societal issue is general lack of respect for human concern and compassion towards acquaintances. It’s common sense that people prefer a reasonable amount of respect. If you nurture plants, animals, or other humans, not only will they grow and bloom, but you will as well. Outside of material goods, the basic things we all really own are ourselves and our actions. Net Etiquette is a blog based on Manners.

  3. September 14, 2009 11:18 pm

    I think the idea here is off. I would much rather know the real MISS W. than the image of her she wants me to know. We live in a different time now where being up front and honest about who you are is actually more appealing than some company trying to trick me into thinking that everyone at their company is “high class”. This article seems to suggest that its better to keep faking your way through life than to actually just be who you are. Maybe WE (I) dont really want to work for companies that scrutinize my tweets or my facebook page…at what point does a standard background check really become an invation of privacy? I can see a bunch of “human resource people” turning more into company gossips than professionals. Have you ever seen the tweets of “@jessicagottlieb”? She is becoming one of the most popular mommy tweets on twitter,,,she has a foul mouth like a rotten sailor yet you dont see her numbers dropping. I think the articles I have read similar to this all have the same message…”BE A FAKE ONLINE”…you mention narcissim…to me it would be more narcisstic to pretend to be perfect so the whole world will like you than to just be yourself and let the cookies crumble as they will…thats my 2 cents and don’t go hating on me b/c i disagree with your idea here. 😉

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