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Are You Choosing Your Twitter Followers Carefully?

January 2, 2010

As the New Year starts, it is hardly surprising that we are still working out what is socially appropriate and what isn’t in net etiquette.  Society is still developing their net etiquette skills and it became increasingly obvious in December of 2009, when  hundreds of Social Media Blogs were writing about the  “Etiquette Rules of Social Media.”  In 2010 we have more and more technology in our lives,  much of it is in our pockets, handbags, briefcases, and backpacks  as well as our homes, offices and cars.  My Mother taught me that sharing was good and yours probably taught you the same thing.  However in todays tech world of Social Media  it turns out Mother wasn’t always right!

On Twitter, anyone may follow anyone.  “By carefully curating the people you follow, Twitter becomes an always-on data stream from really bright people in their respective fields, whose tweets are often full of links to incredibly vital, timely information,” states David Carr of The New York Times. Sign up for TweetDeck and watch what millions of people say on Twitter.  A total strangers information become public.  Twitter is fun, a valuable marketing tool for business, however put a Twitter account into a Teens hands and it become dangerous.  As millions world-wide start twitter accounts,  in the hands of uneducated Twitter user tweets becomes socially dangerous.  Similar to the Facebook housewives of 2009,  you know the ones who did not understand the wall on Facebook.  Tweets become dangerous when in the hands of the not so smart.   A Twitter messages that you are meeting friends for dinner becomes International public information.  Sure, you may only have a few followers but your message can be retweeted by your followers.  Do you trust all your followers?  Do you know each one of them personally?   A locked twitter account assures the twitter account owner that their tweets are private and only to their followers.

As Michael Krigsman Ceo of  Asuret, Inc. states, “Twitter isn’t going away, and like all tool  it can be used for both good and evil.  Balancing Twitter’s dangers and benefits may not be easy, but you’d better start thinking about it today.” Corporate America can send out the wrong signals to millions when one twitter is analyzed by thousands in a matter of seconds. A tweet has the power to turn groups of bystanders into instant analysts.  Tweets can easily cause unintended, highly negative, consequences.  When it comes to Twitter, check your followers profile and what they are about.  Is it a legitimate website you are interested in?  Many Twitter accounts have no profile.  Ask yourself, what do I know about this person who wants to follow me or my business?  How many Twitter followers one has became a popularity contest, but like all popularity contest they are only great when you’re a silly teen.  As an Adult you better be armed with a full-time Public Relations person, if your tweet goes wrong.  This is the valuable lesson and Net Etiquette that corporate American is learning.

Like mother always taught you choose your friend wisely. Unless you know the follower personally research the people who follow you or you’re risking your information being shared.  Blocking and unfollowing followers is smart Net Etiquette.  Can you risk putting your personal thoughts out into the World?  Only if they are well thought, mannered,  polite, and informative.

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Etiquette On The Net In 2009

December 30, 2009

In 2009 I set out to be the Net Etiquette Social Media Duchess

I felt a little responsible

I made the choice to preach Etiquette on the Net for the sake of respect, etiquette, and manners

I watched the world-changing around me Blackberry, iphone, and tweetdeck

I stood up to people

I stayed with people I should not have

I listened to people way below my social caliber

I smiled at rude behavior

I watched people complain and I stood back and watched

I saw the world change before me

I helped people learn Social Media in much in the way I taught my sister to ski

I helped a friend launch a book and she became a Social Media Sensation

And I became her RT, Share cheerleader

I preached to people to stop being competitive with others and  just try to be a better you

As @RevRun says, “I put a little Gratitude in my Attitude”

Perhaps I consider myself one of the leading Etiquette Ladies of  today which is why I write Net Etiquette

I don’t even twitter unless it is kind

And I am here to tell you Etiquette is nothing new

Neither is bad public Social Behavior

The Duchess of Devonshire during the 1784 election campaign famously traded kisses for votes on the hustings

While her handling of her public image was masterful, she tolerated the 18th-century England’s best-known love triangle.

She was desperate to please.  Which meant she was quite easily victimized.

No  different from today’s Society or is it?

In 2009 we had  Texting, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook  all bring attention quickly and at the risk of  our teens being victimized

Against all the odds, The Duchess of  Devonshire,  managed to regain her reputation and her social position while in her late thirties.

In 2010 Etiquette on the Net will play a large role and part of peoples reputation and social positions

In 2009 if you socially messed up, the odds of your reputation being regained will take a social media diva (hello)

So Be Polite, Manners Matter

Happy Net Etiquette in 2010!

A Christmas Toast

December 22, 2009

This short Irish Tost is a alway proper Etiquette and good manners for any Holiday toast this Christmas.

Here’s wishing you more happiness.

Than all my words can tell,

Not just alone for Christmas but for all the year as well.

The Net Etiquette Of Twitter

December 21, 2009

Net Etiquette rules for Twittering

  • Check your spelling, grammar, or punctuation in your tweets. Most Twitters will not follow a person who does not post a bio. Do not be quick to follow someone who constantly makes elementary mistakes in their tweets. Your followers deserve that extra effort and a spell check.
  • Just because someone follows you,  you do NOT  have to follow them back.  Net Etiquette advises that you follow people who interest you. Most Twitters who do not have profiles and bio are not worth following. If you want to use your Twitter effectively you will delete followers who obviously are selling something (sex, teeth whiteners, and increase you tweets) eventually these followers detract your ability to use Twitter effectively.  Since your followers are available to all, it is wise to choose your followers carefully. Your followers do reflect who you are.
  • If you must tweet the same link more than once, at least change the lead in sentence.
  • Think “What Can you Share”?  Not “What Are You Doing?” No one wants to hear when you are eating, when you are going to sleep, and when you having personal issues.   It is acceptable to talk about an exceptional  lunch, and even post a picture of it, there are plenty of foodies who find this makes Twitter interesting and fun.   A guiding rule when tweeting is tweet things that would interest you if tweeted by others.
  • RT or Retweeting is more important than forwarding a tweet.  It truly contributes to the entire concept of the Twitter community as promoting people, sharing, and distributing is what twitter is all about. Retweeting can make or break your Twitter experience.  If someone tweets something that interests you and you think it would interest your followers, you retweet it for your followers.  Thus giving that person’s tweet credit, so people can see the tweet and then choose to follow that person.  The original person who tweeted might have 80 followers so only 80 people are exposed to the tweet and you might have 4,000 followers and by retweeting it you are helping the original person.  RT is a powerful way of sharing  as you increase that person’s exposure and distribute the tweet you felt was interesting.  The Golden Rule of ethics applies here.
  • Be Polite, mind your manners.  The Internet sticks and Twitter is now Google indexed.

Happy Birthday to Net Etiquette

December 15, 2009
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday on

One year ago today, December 15, 2008 Net Etiquette was born.   Barbara Segal set out to tell the world that Etiquette matters on the Internet.  Each post to Net Etiquette has been a topic of Etiquette in 2009.  Facebook Etiquette, Twitter Etiquette, Texting Etiquette, and Net etiquette are now HOT topics in the media.  From Oprah to Dr. Phil, the media has caught on to people being rude.  What has happened to being polite?   Net Etiquette was launched to remind and teach society the rules of Etiquette in the new Social Media Internet World.

Our Net Etiquette store was a great new addition in 2009.  With the holidays rapidly approaching we hope to share healthy, happy, etiquette advice and twitter our way into polite tweeters life’s everywhere.

It’s out MISSION at Net Etiquette to teach:

-Children, teens, and adults to BE POLITE.

-Treat others the way you expect to be treated, the Golden Rule of life.

-Always treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Remember “Compassion is always in Fashion.”
Manners by

Is It Okay To Spend Less On Gifts For Your Friends And Family This Year?

December 10, 2009

In a tough economy, it’s okay to spend less on gifts for your friends and family than you did last year.  Affirmations, The Secret, and the book Think and Grow Rich all teach us ways of asking the universe for more abundance to appear.  However, if you can’t make money appear out of nowhere and someone is depending on a gift from you like money, for example, give them warning. “Unfortunately, gifts may be a bit smaller than usual this year.  I hope you understand.”

Home made gifts like baked goods, a home made topiary, or art work can be a graceful way to show appreciation, kindness, and thanks this holiday season.  Websites like Etsy have lovely affordable gifts for under $40.00.  This print  from Le Papier Studio makes a great gift for mothers, fathers, newly married couples or to hang in the nursery.

Given the tough economy,  at the office maybe you could all agree to a secrete Santa gift, no gifts at all, a holiday potluck, or a cookie exchange.  Another way to save this holiday season is regifting which is acceptable etiquette, if the present is not given in the same social circles it was received from.  An expensive designer handbag you never carry anymore could be thrilling to a sister or friend. A thoughtful note if it is vintage or not new should accompany the gift.  My Mother in her later years, during the holidays would gift us something special from her family heirlooms.  Antique teacups, family photo’s framed, or jewelry from your collection can be very special and adored by others.  Gifts from the heart are the most special gifts of all.  So this Holiday season, give thanks to what you have and give in the spirit of giving.

This Holiday Season Spread A Little Love

December 1, 2009
Spread A Little Love
Spread A Little Love by blondeheiress featuring GAP accessories
This Holiday season spread a little love on the internet.  Many website such as have tools and ways to publish creative content and messages to your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter.  Being involved in local communities and chairties is a polite way of giving back responsibly.  Starbucks constantly strives to do business responsibly. For a limited time, when you spend $15 or more at participating Starbucks stores, Starbucks will contribute $1 to the Global Fund and give you the Starbucks & (RED) Love CD as a thank you.